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Reasons to go on a wine tour in Virginia

The Virginia and Washington D.C. areas are known for hosting some of the best wine tours in the country (You can read our guide to the best ones!), which you don’t want to miss out on if you are in the area. For those unsure on whether to take a wine tour, let our team at Swift Limousines tell you why you need to go on one!


Learn more about wine

There is more to excellent wine than just liking the taste of it, and a wine tour will enable you to understand all the qualities that make certain wines great. During a tour, you will learn to appreciate other factors other than taste, including the origin and structure of the wine, along with the processes to how it is made. You will be well on your way to becoming a connoisseur!


Enjoy amazing wines

We can’t avoid the fact that tasting the wines is one of the best parts of a wine tour in Virginia. If you decide to embark on one, you will get to appreciate all sorts of amazing wine which will hit all the senses. From the taste to the beautiful aromas of the wine, you will feel spoilt with the various wines you will try.


Learn local history

Within a wine tour you will learn more than just the wine you are tasting. An expert will guide you through your tour and will teach you about the local history of winemaking. Each stop has a unique history and tells its own story. You will find out interesting facts that have shaped the winemaking over the years, including climates and the different oaks. Whether you consider yourself local, or you are visiting Virginia for the first time, you will be learning so much that you didn’t know about the area and why it makes wine so great!


Enjoy luxury transportation

We may have some bias, but one of the best parts of a wine tour is enjoying luxury transportation when moving from each winery. Riding in style is the best way to do this, and what better way to do it than with a limousine with a chauffeur?


If you plan of taking a wine tour in Virginia, the team at Swift Limousine is here to make the experience luxurious, safe, and easy from start to finish. Receive a free quote for your trip here.

Reasons to go on a wine tour in Virginia

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